By Siobhan Ramos


Throw me the line.


I'm drowning in my sex.

My lips bubble 

And surface

Only once before

Currents pull me down.


My body is not buoyant.

I am told

To feel the weight - 


Of my tainted skin


And yet remain exposed.

So that salt and 

Brine and teeth

And time

Devour, consume, abscind.


My sandy shame curled about my toes.

My own tide a secret placed below.

Reels and rocks and roles.


Must I be a figurehead?

Wooden woman

Hollow inside.

I am not a vessel

And yet they try 


To anchor me with

Eight, dark, vicious chains


My armaments heavy in my breasts.

Tied to the berth at men's request.

Debris and driftwood and death.


I have kicked and screamed,

And emptied my breasts

And collapsed my lungs

And waved goodbye to the shore...


For now I fear 

It is not a place

I know any more.