By Nicola Gallagher

depression owl nicola gallagher

Everybody feels sad once in a while.
But Depression feels sad most of the time.
Depression can feel drained and just want to sleep,
Or put its head under the covers to weep.
Depression can find it hard to focus,
On school, work or family making it feel hopeless.
Depression can feel lonely and isolated,
And at times irritable and frustrated.
However, there are ways to make depression feel better,
Like wrapping love around it like a warm, fluffy sweater.
When Depression takes special medicine it helps it feel happy,
So it can have lots more fun with its friends and family!



Nicola Gallagher is a recent graphic design graduate and illustrator from Dublin. She recently featured on RTE Nationwide showcasing her graduate project 'Bloom'. She hopes to work in branding and to write and illustrate her own children's books. You can find more of her work on her website: