By Killian Glynn


Suit on.
Tie. Fastened.
Smile? Yes. Always.
Smiling and hand-shaking and answering questions.

Why do you want to work here?
I value your multi-billion corporation and all it represents.
What would you bring to the team?
Oh, what wouldn't I? Honesty, hard work, a smile. Always a smile.


The voice inside me screams.
I don't want your work.
I just need it.

What I want?
Colour, inspiration.
Too-big woolly jumpers and comfy shoes in a big theatre.
Warm berry tea in a bright flat.
Horoscopes in the afternoon.

Not right. Right?

Because I should get a
Proper Job!
I should let the inevitable, sullen grey of routine steal

Yeah, right.



A born-and-bred Mayo boy, Killian Glynn is currently based in Sligo. An avid reader and writer all his life, it was only in the past year that he managed to muster up the courage to put forward his own work for publication. His recent undergraduate thesis on masculinity in Irish theatre was shortlisted for an Undergraduate Award and he can almost always be found scribbling a new idea onto the nearest piece of paper or typing away manically at his computer.