By Shaneen Gorman


I brought you your iron back

Never had any use for it anyway

Whatever can crease

will crease.

I'm keeping the board though

Always needed more surface space. 


I brought you back your headphones

Always meant to buy a pair of my own

Never remember until after. 

Hindsight is a beautiful thing

but crippling in most cases.  


I wish I could bring you back our memories

Not for sentimental value or anything -

been wanting to offload a while now

I need these useless things

as much as I need your old toothbrush. 


Remember the day you finally gave the dog back?

He always liked me more anyway

He reminds me of you when he tears up the flowers,

or pees in the house

But at least he has the decency to act sorry. 



Shaneen Gorman is a twenty-three year old Donegal native and recent graduate of Maynooth University, where she spent four lovely years studying English. Throughout the past few years she has found herself constantly scribbling her thoughts onto the first thing her hand can touch, but only recently made the decision to turn these ramblings into verse. Her poems and art can be found at (what are still the bare makings of) her blog,