By Bobbie Sparrow


Stare at trees without

thoughts of poems or pictures,

noticing the curve of a boulder,

say "Well, now".

Laugh, at any small thing,

a baby sucking her toes

or the greyhound skirt of some young one.

Wonder without worry

about the love you feel

for the violin teacher.

Look at the curtains,

their closing of the day.

Feel on your thighs

the rising heat of the stove.


Don't go to Pilates

Lie on the floor.

Clean your nails with the lid of a biro

chew your lip

watch the scatter of rain.

Feel your shoe too tight.

Press no buttons.

Sit on stone walls

like that's the thing you're doing.

Forget you're there,

remember you're there.

Watch the cows

who aren't avoiding or resisting,

lips low to the green.


Wander your rooms,

touch the dust.

Notice without judgement

the ring around the bath tub.

See the spider, her web world

repeating itself without desire.

Glaze over in kindly memory.

Visit the middle distance,

its vacuum as much value

as the soft rise and fall of your breath.



Bobbie Sparrow is a poetry writing Psychotherapist living in Co. Galway.  She was long listed for the Over The Edge new writer's award 2015/16 and short listed for the Galway University Poetry Competition 2016. Her poems have been published in Orbis and Picaroon poetry journals. Bobbie has read several times at Over The Edge literary events. She has taken part in many Poetry workshops with Kevin Higgins and Jim Bennet of Poetry Kit. She is a member of the online poetry group, Poets Abroad.  Bobbie has found a good poem to be a good friend.