By Enda McGloin


Replacing the rasping with feeling,

Las Vegas-like we charm the crowd with dealing-

Of highs and lows- of soft piano- a little ding-a-ling- 

Ching ching- the synch of symbol,

Snare taps n' snaps,

Authoritative Bass lays down the line,

Old Clarinet ceding encouraging impetuous Horn-

We never noticed the morn,

Crept in like a gentle friend,

On and yawn- the tired mind evolves with wandering rhythms,

New intros pretending to be outs,

No stopping now as sunshine brings new

Colors, riffs, slides and shifts;

Know your turn?

No need now,

It's burned into your unconsciousness Reborn.  



Enda McGloin is a poet/singersongwriter from Kinlough, Co. Leitrim on the shores of Lough Melvin in the shadows of The Dartry Mountains. Enda has published a collection of 32 poems entitled 'A Joyful Sadness' at the Allingham Arts Festival, Ballyshannon. He was a prize winner and published in the Leitrim Guardian with 'A Different Game', where 'What Happened To The Child?' and 'Nothing Civil About It' were also published. As a songwriter he has had two songs covered by Inchequinn on their album 'On The Rocky Road', 'St. Patricks' Day' and 'The Gallows Song'. He is currently finishing recording his first solo EP entitled 'Waterfall'.