By Ken Hume


The baby they yearned for

That new life for which they hoped

The expectation, the promise

Fragile; silent & cautious

For fear they won't cope

With yet more disappointment

Heartbreak & despair

Another dream hanging by a rope

Fate's random gallows

Executioner's fickle whim

It doesn't seem fair

Deciding our fate

Leaving us to grope

About in the darkness

Walking a tightrope

Of faded longing


Struggling to balance

Our barely contained grief

And tears. Absolute loss.

With our desire for contentment

For Motherhood.

The longing to be a father

Heightened by the loss of his own.

But we put on a brave face

Smile through the strain

For our family's sake

We walk through the rain

We pick each other up

Dust off the shame

Our mutual love

Sustaining us

Steadying us

Through the pain

Bringing us closer,

Strengthening our bond.

We'll always have each other

We'll always walk 

This tightrope of life




Ken Hume is 37 years of age. He hails from Tullamore but now resides in Clara, Co. Offaly with his wife Anne-Marie. He writes most of his material in the local coffee shop. Snowstorm of Doubt and Grace, his first book, was published in 2011. In 2012, he formed a group called the Tullamore Rhymers Club for the purposes of sharing & discussing new poems and rhymes in an informal manner. He is currently working on his 2nd collection of poems called What Happened Next due to be published late 2017. You can find his writing blog at