By Clarise E. Reichley


to think

that in these walls

a revolution was frugally constructed

(with thatch and lime),

ideas brought forth

from pipe smoke, tea, and gazing into the fire. somehow it feels as if nothing has changed

(except women can vote

and Ireland is seemingly free).




Clarise E. Reichley lives a transatlantic life between the sky scrapers of Denver, Colorado and the Burren limestone of Kinvara, County Galway. Her work has been published internationally. Her piece Happy Harry was an Editors Choice in Teen Ink Magazine and she has appeared in UK/Irish magazines: OtherWise, Guaire, and Peeking Cat Poetry. She has been awarded a Regional Gold Medal by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her short story Make Clowns Great Again. Additionally, she published her own literary magazine, rhapsody. Every month she sends out a musing with her writings. Follow her work at