By Berni Dwan


The girls on the ganger are garrulous;

munificent multitaskers, lifting rows of 

biscuits while sharing bawdy banter. 

Others inspect new-baked produce, 

rejecting imperfections. The garrulous 

girls swap tales of gynaecology & obstetrics; 

I listen, horrified. Accounts from the 

maternity ward fused with sickly scents of 

warm confectionary, dull the appetite; I am shaken & 

stirred. Domestic potboilers, confessional

yarns, starry-eyed mythologies, all mischievously

dealt for scrutiny. I am schooled in shibboleths from 

Drimnagh & Donnycarney; anecdotes from Crumlin & 

Coolock; fables from Finglas & Fairview. My education 

is complete. Henceforth, all my romances will

be Platonic. That summer at Jacob's

biscuit factory forces me to consider

the single life. How fitting it is set on

Bishop Street. 




Berni Dwan likes to write and perform a kind of poetry that she describes as Frankly Blank Verse. In March 2016, as part of the Smock Alley Scene and Heard Festival - she performed her one-woman show, Unrhymed Dublin. Her poems have appeared in the Irish Times New Irish Writing, A New Ulster, Stepaway Magazine, and Crossways Magazine. In October 2017, she earned second prize in the Johnathan Swift Creative Writing Awards. She produces and presents The A to Z of Historical Blunders on Near FM radio. Her first poetry collection has been accepted by Lapwing.